An Un-Planned Trip To Digha From Kolkata


By Sayantan Khamaru

It’s been said, the best kind of trips are the unplanned ones. This year on 7th and 8th October, we did the something we never thought we will do in our lifetime. On the night of Maha-Navami, we took the streets of Kolkata and spent the whole evening by Pandel-hopping. At around 9:30PM we that means me and my four friends, Saikat, Pallab, Subham and Mrinmoy came into action and bought five bus tickets to Digha. The bus was supposed to start at 12:00AM on 8th October.

We had around 3 hours in our hands, so we went for a quick dinner at a local restaurant in Esplanade, Kolkata. We ate like there is no tomorrow. Then we took on the Bidhan Market in the Esplanade Area to buy some shorts as we came unprepared and all of us want to get to the sea, we needed some cloths. After 30 minutes of bargaining we finally bought four shorts as Pallab was wearing one so he didn’t need one and a towel, yes one towel for five people, it was pretty efficient idea.

Then before taking our seats into the bus all of us emptied our bladders at the toilets as it was supposed to be a thrilling Bus Journey. And the Driver of the bus made our journey more exiting by keeping the average speed of the bus at 95KM/h. Yeah, we were going pretty fast. After a few pit-stops in the road we reached Digha at 04:05AM. It took us only about 4 hours to cover 200 KM. Now, say again Public Transport in India, Sucks!!

After reaching at Digha we did what everyone do, we took a lot of photographs and during the journey I was searching the web for low-cost hotel rooms at Digha, but after our arrival the price went abnormally high. So, we decided to spend all the time of our trip into the sandy beach of Digha. I checked the local Sunrise time and Google said 5:16AM. So, we went directly to the beach from the Digha SBSTC Bus Depot on foot. It was just a few hundred meters and no big deal.

After arriving at the beach, we were very much surprised as hundreds of people were already there to see the first glimpses of the sunlight of that day. I pulled my camera out of my bag and star taking pictures of the dawn. The Sun was about to rise after an hour but the sky was already expressing the rise of our parent star. The Sky has no limit in creating masterpieces with the bright and dim colors of the rising Sun. The Sun was accompanied by some Cumulonimbus clouds, we knew the rain was inevitable but by 6:00AM we hit the water. The Sun was up and quickly we changed our full formals into swimming shorts, along with hundreds of people we were at the sea playing with the tides.

The fun in Digha Sea beach is the tides are quite gentle and you not need to panic of floating away from the shores. All you need to hold on to your grounds and enjoy every single tide that are coming towards you. Me and my friends enjoyed a lot and we lost the track of time. After 2-3 Hours may be when our family members started to call us, we realized, we have played too much in the water and now its time to go home. But, at that opportune moment the Cumulonimbus cloud, I told you about earlier started the job it can do best, heavy rain. So, we took shelter in a nearby watch-tower and fortunately we had two umbrellas. We shared the umbrellas as you can understand it was hell of struggle to stay underneath but we managed to go to a local restaurant. After 2 hours of swimming and enjoying the tide we were very, very hungry. Again, we ate like there is no tomorrow and after finishing our meals we quickly went to the SBSTC Bus Stand to catch a bus which will take us back to Kolkata.

The first bus we took was supposed to start at 9:20 AM but thanks to our good luck, the bus broke down. Then we were shifted to the next bus which was supposed to start its journey at 9:50 AM but for the second time of the day, the bus broke down. The conductor said, it had problems in the gear box and can easily take a few hours in repairing. So, we were again shifted to the next bus, which was supposed to leave at 10:20AM and without much excitement it’s engine roared with full potential and took us back to Esplanade Bus Depot at around 1:30 PM. We completed a full trip, From Kolkata to Digha and back just in 13:30 Hours. Nobody does this but us. We will cherish all the memories we have from the trip forever. May be next time we go out again in the very next year towards an unknown destination.

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