The Best Portable Espresso Makers from different fields


By Sayantan Khamaru

high density of caffeine and high-quality anti-oxidants. Coffee is considered one of the most popular energy drinks, too, the working-class heroes from every corner of the world consume this whenever they feel sleepy or tired at work. Right after consumption, the anti-oxidants come into action, and it energizes, refreshes, and recharges our mind and body to work or study for extra hours. But if you are a coffee person, then you may want a hot sip of coffee during a chilly wintery mountain trip, and promptrip has brought you the best five portable coffee-makers of our time.

In the following, the Five Best Portable Espresso Makers are enlisted. This list is created by evaluating different situations and places of your visits.

CISNO NCC-N01 Automated Portable Espresso Machine: Don’t get lost with the humble and simple design. It is one of the best portable espresso makers in the world. This single button operated coffee maker can boil the water 194F or 90C in minutes and prepare a cup of high caffeine-rich coffee with the pouring temperature of 145°F or 65°C applying 15 bar pressure.

It takes only 2.5 hours to get fully recharged, and once its battery has the full capacity, you can expect 80+ 50ml cups of coffee if you are using hot water and 3 cups at least while using cold water. There are many recipes you can try with this one. This is perfect for Remote Camping and Travelling, Trips, and coffee breaks during routine works, and the price tags are $109.99 only.

WACOCO Minipresso and Nanopresso: These are two masterpieces of WACOCO costing $49.90 and $64.90, respectively. These are the world’s 2nd smallest and smallest espresso machines, respectively. In Minipresso, you can enjoy 70ml of your favorite coffee while Nanopresso offers 80ml per cup. These mix the coffee powder into the water by applying a pump-action process to produce smooth, creamy, aromatic, and tasty cups of coffee. All you need to push and pull the lever until it generates 18bars of pressure over the stored water. It requires no electricity at all and perfect for every trip in remote locations, road trips, and business trips.

STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker: It is an all in one coffee maker. It also applies to pump-action methods like WACOCO devices, but it is much more adaptable and easier to use. It can be used with hot water, cold water, and milk. You can make five types of coffee with this small machine, Espresso, Milk foam or Cappuccino, Cold Brew, Coffee Americano, Capsule Coffee Shots by paying less than $100. It is perfect where you can’t access warm water or electricity.

Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid: This $199.00 coffee maker can turn cold water into a smooth cup of coffee in just 2.5 minutes. You can plug it on almost every power outlet and wait 2.5minutes to get a warm cup of coffee. It is great for long road trips, flights, business trips, and daily office works.

HOBFU Portable Espresso Machine: If you are going camping in a remote location or you need more than three shots of caffeine every day while working, this $65.99 worth device is best for you. It automatically boils water and produces 3 cups, at least while fully charged. But, if you are using warm water, it will give you 300+ cups. With 15bar pressure, you can also enjoy café or restaurant quality coffee anytime.

There are many other devices available, but these are chosen because these devices can give you the ultimate energy of caffeine under any circumstances.

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