Spend a weekend on a sandy beach to rejuvenate your life and free from stress


By Sayantan Khamaru

Whenever we think about the ocean or sea, our minds automatically calm at least for a few degrees. We plan for Goa, Pattaya, Rio, or Seychelles for a trip of a lifetime by spending a few days watching the sunrises and sunsets, lying around lazily on white sandy beaches. But, Andaman & Nicobar Islands have many hidden gems waiting for you to discover. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation, consider going for an Andaman & Nicobar Island Trip.

There are so many things you can see apart from your primary target, clam, quiet, and soothing but stunningly beautiful beaches. You can see India’s only active volcano here, cellular jail, maritime museums, islands filled with exotic birds, and lot more surprises. But, first, let me inform you how to get there. There are two ways you can go there, by plane and by ship. There are direct flights and ships take off from Kolkata, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam. The flights take around 2 hours, whereas the boats take about 3 days, and the fair is almost equal to reach Port Blair, the capital of this archipelago. But, you can choose the ships as it will add some extra time for spending with the Bay of Bengal.

At Port Blair you can go to the Corbyn Cove Beach, just 7km away from the city center. You can spend your days gazing onto the horizon and experience the stunning views of sunrises and sunsets. At Port Blair city, you can visit the infamous Cellular Jail; it is the silent witness of unspeakable tortures that rained down over the prisoners of the Indian Independent Movement. There are two more things you should visit here, Aberdeen Bazaar and Sippighat Farm. The first one is the heart of the city, and you can buy a lot of souvenirs from here and the second one is relatively new, one can explore various species of spices plants here.

17km from the Port Blair, you can go to Rangat islands. Here you can go deep inside the jungles to meet with the Jarawas. They are indigenous people of this archipelago. This island also has a stunning beach.100km from the city you can visit the Baratang Islands, it is one of the most excellent examples of the craftsmanship of Mother Nature. She has used all her tools to create the incredible limestone caves. But, remember you will need a special permit to visit these places.

So, if you want more and experience something

So, if you want more and experience something else you can visit other islands like the Havelock islands. You can roam around it using bicycles or motorcycles, which are readily available at a very cheap rate. You can experience the mangrove forest and spend hours bathing into the clean and clear waters or simply take a chair and enjoy the view. It is also the home of 250 species of birds.
If you are an adventurer, then Neill Islands are the best place to go here. You can enjoy SCUBA diving at a very cheap rate for hours and enjoy the stunning views of the water world.
Remember, the boats for Havelock and Neill islands start from Phoenix Bay port of Port Blair.

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